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Our service provides for a fast sale of your home without any of the hassles of dealing with financially unqualified “For Sale by Owner” buyers and other conventional methods that will prevent you from selling your house quickly. Our offers are simple, straightforward and eliminate much of the work of selling your home through the traditional real estate selling process.

Selling your home isn’t easy. It can take weeks to prepare the house for showing, another few weeks or even months of buyers touring your property. Imagine doing this under the pressure of knowing you have no choice but to sell your home. The pressure can leave you vulnerable to a poor decision regarding offers when they do come in.

No matter what your reason for selling your house, we are here to help you every step of the way. Imagine selling your house without all the traditional steps necessary. We provide an easy hassle free alternative to turn your house into financial capital when you need it the most. No Realtors, no banks, no haggling. Just a simple straightforward process to get your unwanted house off your hands.

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 What I Do



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We Do What It Takes!


  • We will clean it out
  • We can tear it down
  • Sell “As-Is”
  • No repairs needed
  • Licensed Contractor Consultation
  • Close FAST on a date you choose!
  • Get a FAIR OFFER immediately!
  • We pay Closing Costs
  • Any Situation. Probate, Foreclosure, Eviction
  • Agricultural Properties Are Welcome Too



 About Me


My name is Troy Nonnemacher and I have been involved with Real Estate and Construction for 16 years. I started this business because I have been through a lot of different things that would have made these services valuable. It all started with the great recession in 2008 and as the real estate and construction markets tumbled in my area so did my income. I had to shut down my real estate investment company and my construction company leaving me with little to no income. Soon after that I was divorced, lost my house, consulted a bankruptcy attorney and also ran into some medical issues. I have lived through a lot of the causes of distressed real estate and I know how to navigate them to relieve the burden so that you can move on with your life. I am happy to say that I started a new and successful construction company in 2010, I have been remarried to the love of my life and am excited to provide this service to get people on to the next positive chapter of their lives!!

troy nonnemacher